Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional

Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional 4.2

Monitor status and access of reachable access points
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Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional can help IT specialists, such as network administrators, to monitor the status and access of reachable access points. The program has a nice tabbed interface and, provided you have the necessary background knowledge, it is unlikely that you have much difficulty to find your way around.

From the tool’s main tab, you can easily start to monitor near access points. In this respect, the program can provide a comprehensive report of their status, which includes signal strength, number of channels, transfer speeds and encryption standards used. If you open the Station tab, it is possible to find available Wi-Fi stations along with their details. Likewise, from the Packets tab, you are allowed to check the data being transmitted in hexadecimal code. Similarly, you can click on the Inventory tab to view detailed information about the devices that are currently connected as well as those that can be reached. As to this, it is great that the product can keep an inventory with an unlimited number of devices. In addition, the tool can also place wireless networks on a map, but this requires using a GPS device. Last but not least, you can write your own scripts to automate some operations.

All in all, the tool may become crucial in analyzing the health and performance of wireless networks. Luckily, you can try the product at no cost; yet, I should alert you that the online licensing can be somewhat tricky and cumbersome.

Pedro Castro
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  • Inventory of unlimited number of devices
  • Provides multiple types of data about reachable hotspots and wireless devices
  • Supports using scripts


  • Not suitable for inexpert people
  • Cumbersome licensing procedure
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